A very dear friend of mine got some wonderful news this week--after diagnosis and surgery for endometrial cancer--she has been pronounced cancer-free! I won't mention her name, but I will say that she is the only person I allow near my hair besides my BFF, Georgie. She is an incredibly smart, talented, beautiful and funny woman. We've taken some amazingly fun trips together. On our last trip to Missouri, she coined the phrase, "veering"  to describe Georgie's GPS-impaired driving skills. (We drove around in the dark and rain for an hour, trying to find our landing spot. We passed the same bridge several times, before we figured it out). She will quietly read a book while the rest of us cause a ruckus. A roll of her eyes or quick smile can convey more than many persons can with a diatribe. She is a treasure and I'm glad we get to celebrate her for many more years to come!