Why does insecurity turn average human beings into monsters?

All of us suffer from insecurities from time to time. I surmise it is how we handle them that determine our treatment of others. What boggles my mind is when people in fairly lofty positions still feel the need to make others feel small. It is as if that is the only way they feel validated.

A good friend has gone through a lot of this kind of treatment over the last several years.He steadfastly maintains his composure through it all, knows what the issue is and yet struggles to understand it. He loves his job, is excellent at it and has done it for quite awhile.

You would think he would be beyond reproach

For me, having been a chubby kid, who grew into an overweight adult; being the object of others' scorn, disdain and bullying was a daily routine. This is not related to work performance, but the need to make others feel inferior still applies. And bullying in the workplace is no less painful or degrading.

Why does inflicting emotional, physical or psychological pain on someone, fuel the fire of ego in some humans? Once again, I blame Adam and Eve and bad parenting and violent video games. Oh yes and- - -ignorance!