Yesterday, I’m standing in the checkout lane in one of our illustrious discount supercenters, (yes, that one). Two children stroll into the area, plop down on the floor and begin to open various items stocked in the checkout area, including a toy, candy bars etc.

I watched for a few seconds and then commanded them to stop, adding that, no one wanted to purchase toys and other things they had opened and played with! I ended this communication with, “and where is your mom?”

These now wide-eyed moppets looked around, shrugged and then the older kid pointed to a different checkout where Mom was blissfully blabbing at a friend, while ignoring not only the baby in the cart in front of her, but her wayward son and daughter in my personal space.

I suggested to these munchkins that they get off the floor and go tell their mom what they did! They dropped the items on the floor and ran like scared rabbits to their mom without a word. She of course didn’t notice they were gone, nor did she notice when they made their return. I just shook my head and smiled.

When will some parents ever stop using venues as babysitters?