How well do you know your neighbors?  Some of us are lucky enough to call our neighbors, friends. I’d like you to meet one of mine.

Scott and Lynda Hoffman have been my neighbors for over a decade. They became my friends the year I had spinal fusion surgery. They took care of my yard, they brought me food, they made sure I didn’t fall and end up lying unconscious at the bottom of my basement stairs covered in cat hair. They bring me delicious tomatoes from their garden every summer and we’ve shared glasses of wine and good conversation. They are wonderful, caring people.

Scott has always taken care of keeping my sidewalks, driveway and front walk clear of snow. When bats invaded my home, he climbed up on the roof and put a chimney cap on the house that solved the problem. He clears the gutters of leaves every year and he’s watched my house on the rare occasions when my best buddy Georgie has not been able to and that included feeding the cats! Lastly, their home is one of the best cared for, remodeled, beauties in the city and a lot of it has been done by Scott.

Why am I telling you all of this? Scott is finally starting his own business—The Property Guy- He’ll take care of your home, yard and all the do-it-yourself and fixer-upper projects you never seem to do yourself, or don’t want to. He’s bonded, insured and best of all affordable.

I’m somewhat reluctant to share him with you. But that wouldn’t be neighborly; now would it?