Cecily Knobler has been a member of the ‘Ben and Patty Family’ for over 15 years, appearing every Friday morning with her weekend movie reviews, ‘Live From Hollywood!’

You know she’s funny, witty, well-spoken and loaded with knowledge about movies and the workings of that foreign land, Hollywood. But maybe you didn’t know that she is also a stand-up comedienne, has been a radio personality, recently spent time working on the reality series, ‘Cupcake Wars’, has an unhealthy fascination with Duran Duran and anything or anyone British, Irish, Welsh or Scottish.

Cecily, a native of Waco, Texas is a published author too, of the hilarious, “She’s Crazy, He’s A Liar” (shescrazyhesaliar.com), which is filled with funny and not-so-funny, true dating stories. Give it a read, you will love it!

Cecily has written for a number of print and online publications including US Weekly. She also has been an entertainment reporter for MSNBC’s ‘Scarborough Country” and a regular contributor on VH1’s ‘Best Week Ever’.

As you can see, Cecily is a very accomplished professional, but, she is also a warm, wonderful friend, with a gorgeous smile, a big heart and a smart mouth packed into a teeny tiny little package. She's a dog lover who dotes on her wacky beagle Monroe and encourages others to adopt homeless pups from shelters in Los Angeles.

I’ve visited Cec in L.A and we’re always trying to convince her that she needs to visit us here in Sioux Falls. We’d take her to Rosie’s Café for Breakfast, The Hamburger Shop for an Eggburger for lunch, my house for a supper of authentic Italian cuisine and some bonding with two giant German Shepherds. We could check out the Old Courthouse or Pettigrew Museums, cruise over to Palisades Park or Newton Hills and maybe wrap up an evening with jazz at Lattitude 44. Come on out Cec, the kuchen, (our state dessert), is fine!