Have you ever seen the movie "Idiocracy" staring Luke Wilson? It's a comedy set in the future where the people of the world are a whole lot dumber, because generations of idiots keep having tons of kids, while all the smart people focus on their careers.

Well don't look now, but that might be where we're headed.

A new study out of Europe has found it's not your imagination, people really are becoming less intelligent.

The average IQ in first-world countries has dropped 14.1 point over the past century. Every decade, there's an average drop of 1.23 IQ points.

What's causing this to happen?

The study revealed that women of higher intelligence are having fewer children, meaning women with lower IQ's are driving the population growth.

So do you agree, are we experiencing a dumbing down of society?  Well, if you take a stroll through a certain big box store late at night, you'd swear you can see it unfolding right before your very eyes.

There is a bright side, at least we haven't begun watering our crops with Gatorade quite yet.