Drama queen Percy Harvin has said he does not want to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Don't tell him I said that.  Well now he has his wish.  According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports the wide receiver has been traded to the Seahawks for draft picks.  It has been widely reported on that Harvin wanted out of Minnesota.   The Vikings GM, Rick Spielman, had said that the Vikings would not trade Percy Harvin who was signed through the 2013 season.

Percy is one heck of a talent who had 62 receptions and ran for a bunch of yards last season, even though he missed the last 7 games of last season due to a sereous ankle injury.  I am a die hard Vikings fan. I have all the Viking wear, Vikings Trickets, Foam Finger from the Metrodome, heck our dogs name is "Percy"!  I am so saddened that he won't be wearing the purple and gold.  How can they do this to me?  I wish there could be some reconciliation. These breakups are always hardest on us kids.