Let me state up front. I like Pinterest. It's perdy. I've enjoyed cooking ever since I was a kid. At that time of course it was pretty much limited to whatever I could stick into a toaster and whatever I could then spread on the hot bread. My favorite: Peanut Butter, Dill Pickle, with a slice of Kraft American Cheese. Don't judge me. Try it.

It's only logical that I would be attracted to Pinterest. We fell in love after just a few dates. We've planned meals together. We've worked together to find the perfect Halloween costume. We've spent cold nights with each other looking at pictures of cute kittens.


I thought we had something special. Then last night this happened. I pulled up a recipe, that I had pinned, for “Cheesy Sweet Potato Crisps”. It sounded like a tasty, healthy, date night meal that we could share together. I stopped at the grocery store and secured the supplies. I mixed up the ingredients according to the post. I followed the recipe. Then it happened. It became very apparent that Pinterest lied to me.  The Crisps stuck unmercifully to the wire rack than came out wilty and burnt.  We had our first fight. Check out the picture below. Guess which Crisp I cooked.

Pinterest / Ben Davis

Pinterest and I have agreed to take some time off and see other websites.