Police say an adult store in downtown Sioux Falls was robbed early Sunday and a man is in custody.

Officer Sam Clemens says an employee of Romantix, at 311 North Dakota Avenue, was locking the store around 2:00 am Sunday, so he told a customer he would have to leave. But the man pushed the clerk as he walked to the back of the store:

"The suspect went in there and grabbed the employee by the neck and started squeezing his neck. At some point he pushed him down and ended by grabbing the cash out of the register, grabbed some DVDs from a drawer behind the counter and then went to leave. The employee actually had to unlock the door so this guy could get out. As soon as he left, the employee kind of popped outside to see where he was going or to see if he could get a vehicle description. The suspect then came back inside and picked up some kind of metal display rack and hit the victim in the back of the neck."

Clemens says the employee got a vehicle description and license plate number, and the suspect's vehicle was located about a half-hour later.

After a short pursuit, 57-year-old Daniel Johnikin was arrested for aggravated assault, second-degree robbery, two counts of hit-and-run, fleeing police, eluding, driving with a suspended license and possession of a controlled substance.

The clerk's injuries were not serious.