Police are warning Sioux Falls residents to be alert for two scams that have been making the rounds both locally and nationally.

Captain Greg VandeKamp says both scams involve telephones, with one where the caller claims a person's MasterCard has been compromised, and that the recipient should call a certain number.

He says another one going around this week is where a caller claims to be from the Internal Revenue Service.

VandeKamp says it's not the IRS, but the caller says you need to contact them immediately. Instead, he says if you get such a call that doesn't sound right, you should contact Sioux Falls Police and someone at the Department can likely tell you if the call is valid.

VandeKamp says these days, it';s really important to guard your personal information, and he says if the IRS were to contact you, they would be more likely to do so by letter. He says the caller's grammar may tip you off that he or she is not calling from inside the United States.