I have very vivid memories of my mom making potato salad. The language that would fill the air in the kitchen as she peeled those steaming hot taters was loud, expletive-filled and hilarious! Well hilarious to us kids, apparently not so much to Mom!

Potato peels would fly all over the place, the sink, floor, walls, until she had finished. I'm still not sure why a person needed to peel them right after they came out of boiling water, but that's the way my grandmother did it, that's the way Mom did it and me - not so much!

But as we move into potato salad season, I thought we could all use a good tip on peeling the little buggers and I thought I'd include my very Italian father's recipe for his potato salad.

First the recipe: Daddy's Authentic Italian Potato Salad

  • Boiled, Peeled Potatoes - I prefer baby reds or Yukons, but you can use anything you like in whatever amount you'd like as long as they are still warm or hot and cut into bite-size pieces.
  • Red Wine Vinegar - The hot potatoes absorb this very well.
  • Olive Oil - A really good quality one adds so much flavor.
  • Garlic - Powdered is what you want unless you happen to have some fresh roasted garlic laying around, but too much can overwhelm the salad and definitely not fresh raw garlic in this salad.
  • Salt & Pepper - to taste
  • Fresh Italian or Regular Parsley - finely chopped (Yes, it should be fresh, it really brings this salad to life. You could used dried but it is just not that good)

I haven't given amounts because I've never known what they are, it is one of those recipes you just have to try and tailor to your taste.

Pour the vinegar over the warm potatoes first, add the olive oil, garlic powder and salt & pepper. Taste and then adjust seasonings as you like. Add a nice amount of parsley (the salad should be flecked with it throughout) and mix again.

You can refrigerate it to meld the flavors and serve later, but this salad always tastes best at room temperature.Your salad should have a nice tartness from the vinegar, a buttery note from the olive oil, a mouthwatering savoriness from the other seasonings and freshness with the addition of the parsley. If you've achieved that, you've succeeded!