As school shootings become more and more of a threat in the world today, a number of different solutions have been proposed to try and make our schools safer in the United States.

Other states are turning to more creative safety measures.

In some school districts in Minnesota, North Dakota, North Dakota, Maryland, Pennsylvania and California, bulletproof whiteboards have been purchased from a Maryland company called Hardwire.

The boards are 18-by-20-inches and can be used for either handheld instruction or mounted on a wall, and can also be used as a shield in the event of an attack on a classroom.

Hardwire has been working on armor protection devices for military vehicles and personnel for years. After last year's Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, the company started working on school security and came up with the whiteboards.

According to their website, they also make other school safety products:

Bulletproof clipboards

Bulletproof peel-n-stick doors

Bulletproof backpack inserts

The whiteboards are $299, plus shipping and handling.