I love the Puppy Bowl!  It wasn't always that way.  My wife turned me onto this perennial showdown that comes to us on Discovers Animal Planet.  As a Minnesota Vikings fan I'm often looking for something to do on Superbowl Sunday.  Superbowl Sunday 2013 is on Feb. 3rd.  And what is more fun than football?  Football and puppies!  Who doesn't love puppies?  Communists, that's who!  Communists and Taiwanese chefs.  And since I am neither I love puppies playing football. Well, now the great folks at Animal Planet are taking it up a notch.  The are adding 'CHEERLEADERS' to the game!  And not just any cheerleaders...'HEDGEHOG CHEERLEADERS'!


This is what NBC Sports is reporting:

The latest incarnation of the animal kingdom’s most-anticipated sporting event is receiving a few tweaks this year. In a first for the nine-year-old Puppy Bowl, the battling canines will be encouraged from the sidelines by a squadron of hedgehog cheerleaders. In another first, new Puppy Cam technology will put viewers on the field with “in-your-face” shots of snouts, tails and paws, while an off-field camera will capture substitutes warming up for the game in a special puppy hot tub.

Well played Animal Planet!  Bravo!  4 Paws Up!