Have you been caught with your fingers in the kids piggy bank lately?

Sounds like many hard-up parents have, when they were running short on cash according to a new survey from a website called CouponCodes4u.

49% of parents claim to have taken money from their child's savings account.

Another 34% said they've even taken money from their kid's piggy bank when they were running a little low on dough.

So what are they spending the money on? Most said bills. Followed by vacations, gifts and medical expenses.

By the way, the survey didn't say how many of the parents actually paid their kids back after robbing their savings. But, one thing it did reveal, half of the parents who took money said they didn't feel guilty about it. The most common reason given as to how they justified taking the money, "Our kids are too young to notice."

Those same kids are now planning what nursing home they want to have their parents placed in at an early age!