Whoever started the game “let’s see who can come up with the strangest child names” needs to stop!  Now! Please!

This adorable little twit’s parents named her “Hashtag Jameson.” Hashtag is a little girl by the way.

While we don’t know anything about little Hashtag’s parents, I’m guessing they’re probably fans of Twitter and spend way too much time on the Internet. I certainly hope for her sake, they have celebrity like resources to help pay for the eventual therapy she’ll require later in life trying to come to grips with the name Hashtag.

With the speed Internet fads come and go these days, it’s very possible by the time little Hashtag hits elementary school none of her classmates will have any idea what Twitter ever was. She’ll only be left wondering, gee, why couldn't mommy and daddy have named me LOL, BFF or Emoticon instead?