It has always been said that admitting you have a problem is one of the first steps toward dealing with it. So, let's all admit we have a problem unplugging from our technology devices and move on from here. There are some real benefits to "cutting the cord" (as it were), this summer, if only temporarily or for periods of time.

  • You'll be giving your brain some renewing downtime and you need that in order to de-stress. A British study found that smartphones boost stress levels immensely. So just imagine the cumulative stress of being tied to your smartphone, laptop, tablet, Ipad, etc., with constant communication on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., etc........!!!!!
  • You might actually have time to build or work on your personal relationships. If the only thing you'll have to remember that camping trip, night around the fire, or special vacation by, is a picture on your cell phone--what was the point of setting aside the time in the first place! Be present in the moment instead of being distracted by your digital devices.


  • Going gadget-free this summer (again, even if only for short periods of time, I'm not suggesting the impossible) can help you experience the season to its fullest and truly enjoy time with your family and friends.

For even more reasons why you should unplug this summer, from people with some really valid scientific reasons click here.