The results are in from the University of South Carolina ladies, according to a new study women have gotten chubbier...the reason is they don't do enough housework!

Ok I said it, now please don't shoot the messenger!

FYI, the team behind the study was comprised of mostly men (shocker), the head researcher is a guy, but before you discount the findings completely, there were a few women on the research team.

Here's what they found out, in 1965 the average woman did 25.7 hours of cooking and cleaning a week. (And we thank you June Cleaver!) That meant they were up and active and burning calories.

Flash forward to today and women do about HALF that, at 13.3 hours.

So what are women doing with that spare 12 hours a week? The study found they can thank their good friends Judge Judy, Ellen Degeneres, Rachael Ray and the last four remaining soaps. Yep, they're sitting on the couch, watching TV, which at last check doesn't any calories.

These days the average woman burns between 132 and 360 fewer calories per day than back in 1965.

Again ladies, I know the study seems sexist in multiple ways, so please don't go looking for my house to burn it down. I didn't make up these scientific findings, I'm just passing the facts along.