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Well did you have a relaxing, lazy, do nothing kinda weekend? If you did, chances are you'll be somewhat stressed and un-rested on Monday.

Yeah, I know, it doesn't make a bit of sense. You'd think by having a restful weekend, you would come back to work on Monday with your batteries fully re-charged right? Wrong!

As strange as it may sound, a new study from StubHub has found that having a busy weekend is actually better at relieving stress than lying around all weekend doing nothing!

Research has found that a weekend feels six hours and 19 minutes longer if you're busy working your tail off than if you're doing your best couch potato routine. That's because we all subconsciously measure time by the number of memories we make, the more we make, hence the longer the weekend feels.

About one-third of the people surveyed who reported having busy weekends, said it felt like they were off three days. Conversely, almost half of people who lay around and did nothing all weekend said it felt like the weekend just flew by.

People who had busier weekends also felt more de-stressed when it was time to get back to the workday grind on Monday.

It sounds like the same thing applies to retirement too.

Retirees, who did not stay active after they quit working, reported getting bored quickly. It appears the joy of retirement wears off right around 10 months after a person stops working every day.