In South Dakota you can carry a gun just about anywhere you please.  That's not the case in Colorado.
77 year old former Marine, Art Dorsch of Castle Rock, CO., was recently told to "Lose Guns or Leave".  Check out the video below:

We were talking about this situation around the office and is seems there are 2 sides you can come down on:

1)-It's not his property and the owners of the property have the right to make up the rules.  It's not like they are kicking him out.  They are just saying the guns can't stay.

2)-This guy has served his country.  He pays his rent on time.  He's not hurting anyone.  He just wants to protect himself.  Why should the apartment owners be able to say he doesn't have the right to bear arms in his home?

What do you think?  Who is in the wrong here?