Democratic Senate candidate Rick Weiland used Viewpoint University on KSOO to challenge the private health insurance industry to compete with Medicare. He wants a Universal Care system put in place now. 

During an hour long interview, most of which was spent on the government shutdown and health care and insurance Weiland said:

"We know Medicare works for seniors. We know the 'Greedycare' system of overpriced, intentionally complex private insurance for non-seniors does not work. Why not ask big money private insurers to compete with Medicare and let the American people decide what works best."

In a media release sent out during Viewpoint on 1140 KSOO, Weiland continued the challenge.

"Obamacare is faltering because it does not give every American a choice between Medicare and the private insurers," he said. "We do not need to postpone universal health care, or go back to the ugly Greedycare system that existed before the Affordable Care Act.  We need to offer every American the opportunity to buy into Medicare, and we need to offer them that opportunity right now.”

"The private profiteers who control health care have no competition, Weiland continued. "They built a website that cost taxpayers hundreds of millions and doesn't work so we could choose which big money insurance company we want to have rip us off.  My suggestion is that they add just one new thing to their website, the option for every American to buy their way into a system we all know works, Medicare.  Even they ought to be able to figure that one out.  Let us choose between their thousand buttons and one button marked Medicare and see how they like a little honest competition for a change."

Rick Weiland is the only announced Democratic candidate for the Senate seat currently held by Tim Johnson. Another Democrat has expressed interest, but has not made a formal announcement.

There are four Republicans and one Libertarian in the race. A Republican Primary will be held in June of 2014. The General election in November will pit the Libertarian, the winner of the Republican Primary, and Rick Weiland in what promises to be a very interesting election.