Rain dominated RibFest both Saturday and Sunday in Sioux Falls, but some water isn't going to stop rock and roll! The inclement weather did scratch Guilty Pleasures Orchestra from the bill Saturday and Kory & The Fireflies Sunday afternoon, but before the storms rolled in Sunday afternoon, several student bands from the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy were able to show what they've learned.

As I walked across the muddy field at the WH Lyon Fairgrounds early Sunday afternoon, I was greeted by the familiar riff of Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train". As I got closer to the stage, it wasn't Ozzy on the mic, it was Eric (pictured above) He's 7. And he ROCKS! I'm pretty sure he was at the Dee Snider seminar Friday on how to be a great rock frontman because he owned the stage.

Photo Courtesy of Crash/B102.7

A total of five student bands from the Academy got to play the big stage at RibFest Sunday with all the same equipment that was used over the past three days by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Loverboy, Rick Springfield and others. They were THRILLED.

The final student band opened their set with Van Halen's "Eruption/You Really Got Me" with Eli on guitar. I have no idea how old he is (12 maybe?) but he definitely has some skills!

Photo courtesy of Crash/B102.7

The band also paid tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, who headlined RibFest Saturday night by covering "Simple Man"

Photo Courtesy of Crash/B102.7

A band made up of instructors at the Academy have hit it off so well, they intend on making a go of it as a band, not just at the Academy. They're calling themselves Fortunate Sun and did some high energy covers including Collective Soul, Kid Rock and Neil Young as they get ready to participate in the Battle of the Bands at Wheel Jam in Huron next weekend. Good luck guys, you sounded great Sunday!

We're still awaiting final attendance numbers (which should be out Monday or Tuesday) but all indications are that it smashed every RibFest attendance record. Congratulations on a job well done to everyone at SMG, the WH Lyon Fairgrounds and the title sponsor, Dollar Loan Center, on a fantastic weekend that will have thousands of us talking and smiling for a long time.

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