Ladies did you know there are rules for dating a nerd? Not that I'm speaking from experience mind you, but I just finished reading a story on dating nerds and believe it or not, there are a few rules.

You already know that most nerds are smart, a little shy and generally have a number of quirks! But did you know, they make great partners. You could be missing a fantastic dating experience by overlooking a nerd.

According to the experts who know a little something about dating nerds, there are 4 simple rules you must follow when entering into a relationship with a nerdy guy. Yes, there's actually more to it than just buying a bunch of pocket protectors and watching the Big Bang Theory.

First you must:


Appreciate your nerd. Focus on his intelligence, faithfulness and all his other great traits.


Never knock his nerdy tastes. To belittle or make fun of his hobbies is to belittle him and send the message that he isn't good enough the way he is.


You must take an interest in his nerdy stuff. Come on ladies, you've always wanted to assemble a model of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek on a Friday night right? Seriously, you don't have to engage in his nerdy hobbies all the time, but it never hurts to take an occasional interest.


Finally, find some common ground. You may have different interests, but one way to spend quality time with your nerdy guy is to watch sci-fi movies or TV shows that also appeal to female non-nerds.


Admit it gals, Mrs. Sheldon Cooper has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?