Ryan Reynold's could read me the phone book and I would be happy, as long as he does it shirtless! Apparently not all critics are as kind to this young Hollywood hottie as I am. The reaction to his latest film, "The Captive" at its screening during the Cannes Film Festival was less than kind. In fact the crowd booed. So Ryan and his wife Blake Lively skipped the after party opting instead for a late dinner at their hotel.

I fell in love with this cutie in "The Proposal" when he starred as Sandra Bullock's put-upon literary assistant/fiance, but I first noticed him back when he did the TV series, "Two Guys, A Girl & A Pizza Place" from 1998 to 2001. The series also starred Traylor Howard who later moved on to play Natalie in "Monk" with Tony Shaloub, as well as Nathan Fillion, who has become well-known in "Castle", playing a gregarious crime writer/police consultant.

I'm probably alone in this thought also, but I loved "The Green Lantern" too. Yeah, I know it wasn't universally loved among film critics, but what is? When Ryan Reynolds is all buffed out in his glowing green suit with those sexy eyes and sweet smile I just melt. Yup, I'm a complete Ryan Reynolds devotee!