I see that Samuel L. Jackson has voiced his opinion on the Newtown, Connecticut shootings that killed 27 people, of which 20 were children.

"He claims that violent movies and video games should not be blamed for such atrocities."

I personally love a good Samuel L. Jackson movie. He’s even one of my favorite actors.

If you’re familiar with his movies, you know a great majority of them are quite violent and laden with guns.

That’s why I find it hard to believe that someone as talented and intelligent as Mr. Jackson actually believes that these types of movies and video games aren’t partially culpable for the violence we are currently experiencing in society today.

It seems to me, the majority people that orchestrating these heinous crimes as of late, are young men in their 20’s. Young males susceptible to playing these types of violent video games and attending these over the top violent movies.  It’s obvious that some of these young deranged men are watching these movies, playing these games and unfortunately acting out some of the violent things shown in both.

I’ve always found it very interesting, that Hollywood producers, directors and actors have no problem glorifying these types of violent movies and games and profiting from the millions upon millions of dollars they make. Yet when a tragedy like the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting happens, these same people seem to be the first to lay the blame at the doorstep of the conservatives and their guns.

Now don’t get me wrong, are guns partially to blame for what happened? Absolutely!  But there are a number of working parts to the violence we are currently experiencing in this country.

Before we start disarming every single solitary American and start legislating what types of firearms he or she can legally own.  Maybe we should be doing a better job of identifying mental health issues in individuals and acting upon them before something tragic happens. Engage in discussions as to the part, if any, that single parent families’ play in this whole thing. Come up with more effective ways to secure our schools, shopping malls and other high traffic institutions across the country.  And maybe, just maybe, examine the role that these violent video games and movies play in affecting individuals involved in these types of crimes.

Just my opinion. What’s yours?