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Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that hard to buy for person? I think I can help.

There is a company in Leicestershire England that has developed a line of underwear that filters the smell of your flatulence.


The underwear line is called Shreddies, and it promises to completely absorb and hide the smell of your horrible gas. The underwear is made out of a material called Zorflex. It's the same carbon material used in Chemical Warfare suits. The big difference, it's thin and flexible.

The makers of Shreddies say through extensive testing the carbon cloth used could filter odors 200 times the strength of the average flatus emission.

Let me guess, you're probably thinking this is a product made exclusively for men, given that men have the reputation of being the "gassier" gender. Not true. The product line is available for both sexes and will come in a range of styles.

There are support boxers, hipsters and briefs for men. Ladies will find Shreddies in briefs, high-leg briefs and shorties. I'm guessing it would be nearly impossible to make a "thong" that works correctly?

Shreddies are not cheap however. The men's underwear will run anywhere from $39 to $45 a pair. While the ladies can expect to pay between $31 and $34. Plus an additional shipping charge to get it to the states from across the pond.

Imagine being the beta test person for this product line. I wonder if they received hazard pay. Talk about a job that stinks! Oh wait, that's right, it no longer does. My mistake!

Here is a video that better explains the power of Shreddies.