Yep it's that time of year again.  It’s that time when pre-pubescent masked extortionists go door to door demanding free food or they will egg your house back to the Reagan years. It’s that time of year when guys can do something publicly that we all expect that they have been doing in private for years, dress up in a Lady Gaga singlet and size 11 stilettos.  It’s that time of year when the ladies can let out their inner street walker.  For some reason if you are a female, of any age, on Halloween it doesn't matter what costume you choose you are expected to slut it up.  Slutty Nurse.  Slutty Cat.  Slutty Politician.  Slutty Zombie. Slutty Teacher.  I never had one teacher, ever, that dressed like this. And I went to a lot of schools for a long time.  Another apparent 'Must Have' for the holiday is scary movies. Personally I hate ‘em.  If I want to experience terror, discomfort, and anxiety, I’ll just watch my wedding video.  But if you are a fan of the genre you may want to rent one of these flicks.


These are the Top 5 highest-grossing horror film franchises:

Saw − $873 million worldwide
The Exorcist − $661 million
Scream − $605 million
Friday the 13th − $465 million
A Nightmare on Elm Street − $455 million

Do you like “Horror Flicks”?  What was the 1st Scary Movie that you ever saw?