2015 has been a tough year for downtown sculptures. Sioux Falls Police say the artwork near U.S. Bank was taken over the weekend.

The piece is called “Courtship” depicting bronze-colored figures of a man and woman. While holding a pipe to his lips the man gazes up at his beloved while she strokes her lover’s head with hand outstretched to the sky.

Officer Sam Clemens says the sculpture’s value is about $3900. Furthermore, it is unlikely that any video footage exists of the piece being taken. “They don’t think there were any cameras from the bank that were set up in that direction.”

Ripped from its perch on North Main Avenue, the piece associated with SculptureWalk leaves a void that has become all too familiar. Artwork in the downtown area this year has come under siege.

Shania Twain at Sioux Falls SculptureWalk

Shortly after the SculptureWalk showcase opened in May, one sculpture was vandalized and another was lifted from its base and deposited in Menlo Park. Earlier in October, another sculpture that was more of a permanent fixture was taken from the fountain area along Phillips Avenue then turned into the police.

It hasn’t been all bad news surrounding the downtown show pieces. Superstar Shania Twain had her picture taken with one of the statues before performing in concert back in September.