A Hot Springs, SD mom pulled a prank on her 8 year old son over the holidays by telling him he accidentally purchased a $50,000 mustang. The prank caused the boy to cry and then lead to laughter when Paula Papen told him she was just kidding.

She posted the video on You Tube and it has received over 73,000 views and a ton of comments bashing her parenting skills and saying she is a "Mean Mom" and that the boy will never learn how to trust.

Come on! I agree with Paula, it's teaching him to have good sense of humor. Not only that, but it will teach him to be careful what he does on the internet! Growing up, my Dad was always pulling pranks and I pull them all the time on friends and on my kids. It's fun and harmless. I believe laughing and having fun in life is what you are supposed to do, and I hope my children enjoy life.

Pulling pranks as long as no one gets hurt teaches being imaginative and planning. Working on details and best of all laughter. Humility is also taught in this situation as well as making it a fun on going game for those playing the "prank war."

Honestly the people who called Paula names and used profanity at her posting a fun prank video should be ashamed of themselves. The saying "If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all."

I think the Papen family sounds like a fun loving family and keep the fun pranking going. Oh and getting to be on the Today show for a fun little prank sounds pretty cool too!

Here's the video: