All this week, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters is hosting "Chelsea Lately."  Chelsea is out of town.  First of all, Dave needs his own talk show.  He is awesome!  His first guest of the week was my pretend boyfriend, Rick Springfield.  Why did Dave invite Rick?  Well, they have a connection.  That connection is Sound City Studios.

Dave directed a documentary about the history of Los Angeles recording studio Sound City Studios called Sound City Studios:  Real to Reel."  Bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Tom Petty and Rick Springfield recorded albums at Sound City.  Sound City is where Rick Springfield met his wife.  Dave Grohl recorded the album Nevermind with the band Nirvana at Sound City Studios.  Dave created the documentary after the studio's closing in 2011.

Dave put together a supergroup called the Sound City Players.  Rick Springfield is one of the artists Dave interviewed for the documentary and is now part of the Sound City World Tour.  The supergroup also includes Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick and many others.

Dave Grohl told

“We’re learning all of [Rick Springfield’s] songs because we’re doing gigs where we’re going out with all the people from the Sound City movie and doing shows,” Grohl says. Adding that; “we’re doing a bunch of his songs, five or six of his songs – you know what it sounds like? It sounds like the f*&king Foo Fighters with Rick Springfield singing.”

Grohl also revealed that the Sound City Players have rehearsed around 50 songs for their upcoming global tour. “You should go out there and look at the chart of songs we have to f*&king learn. It’s insane,” says the Foo Fighter frontman. “I have to learn 50 songs in the next 10 days.”

“It’s funny, we don’t really consider this the Foo Fighters,” Grohl told MTV News“We’re Rick Springfield’s backing band, we’re john Fogerty’s backing band. We’re not up there playing ‘Everlong’ every night, we’re just hoping our heroes get up on stage and play,” he says.

"Sound City Studios:  Real to Reel" is in select theaters now.  Unfortunately, no theaters in Sioux Falls made the cut.  You can download it from iTunes or order instant streaming on the website for $12.99.

Check out Dave Grohl, the Sound City Players and Rick Springfield ROCK OUT "Jessie's Girl" in Park City, Utah after the Sundance Film Festival.