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My wife insists that I have a case of selective hearing. As a matter of fact, the running joke in our house whenever she wants to get my attention is to simply say "Miami Dolphins" in front of whatever question she wants to ask to get a reply out me.

If you're also one of these people that believe your significant other only hears what they want to hear, you just might be right.

According to a new study out of England, men and women really do tune out words they subconsciously don't find relevant.

During the study, researchers picked stereotypically "male" words like "beer" and "football" and stereotypically "female" words like "shoes" and "shopping."

Then they asked both sexes to listen to a conversation and report back what they heard.

They found that men were more likely to remember the parts of the conversation that pertained to the male words used and forget the other parts. The same exact thing was true when it came to the ladies. Women only remembered the parts of the conversation that were of interest to a female. Like did you hear there's a big sale at Macy's this weekend?

I guess that pretty much answers the age old question, do men and women have selective hearing. That would be a resounding YES!

Keep that in mind ladies the next time you want to get your guys attention. Try using words like "Beer, football, guns, Porsche, or Jennifer Aniston" in front of "Are you ever going to empty the dishwasher?" Maybe you’ll get better results.

Source: Daily Mail