If you're thinking of selling your house this spring, or maybe it's on the market right now. You might have a little trouble selling it, if you're smoker.

A new survey of real-estate agents conducted by Pfizer, reveals if you're a smoker, expect to have trouble selling your house.

56% of the agents reported that buyers are less likely to buy a house that has been previously smoked in. Another 27% said most of their buyers even refuse to consider a home where someone smoked.

When you do finally sell your house, the smell of cigarette smoke will definitely affect the price they say. 44% of agents said that they are unable to get as much for a house if it smells like smoke.

One in three reported that a house that has been previously smoked in will sell for 10% to 19% less.

When you do the math, that means if your house is on the market for say $250,000 it would sell for $202,500.

Another one in three realtors said smoking lowers the asking price by 20% to 29%. So for that same $250,000 home, the seller might only get $177,500 if that statistic holds true.

This might be yet another good reason to try and kick the habit.