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Yesterday afternoon we picked up via twitter the 'big evening' a guy had Saturday night here in Sioux Falls.  If you've been following along either on twitter, on-line or in the paper you know that the story probably started out with happy hour. Ok, I'm guessing on that part but I'm sure you'll agree alcohol factored in.

Here's how the incident got started.  51 year old David Mortensbak is the guy.  Local police see the guy going the wrong way on 11th street in downtown Sioux Falls.  They pull the guy over and that's when it gets interesting.  Fast.

Mortensbak then allegedly takes off....runs into a trailer up the street and then gets into a scuffle with one of the officers.  (Again, bad idea right?)  Here's where it gets interesting.  The officer that's in the scuffle has a drug dog in the back of the cruiser.  Now things really get interesting cause the officer also has a remote for the cruiser and opens it up and here come Rin Tin Tin!

Here's where I'll stop.  I like dogs.  A lot!  So, now I'm cheering for the dog aren't you?  We'll if you look at some of the mug shots of the man you know that the dog got a few pretty good licks in.  Hey, that's what they're trained to do right?

Pic/Argus Leader

That's when the guy, Mortensbak shuts the dogs head in a car door.  Yep.  Bam!  Now if your following along, you're hoping the dog is ok and you start cheering for the officers right?!

They proceed to arrest the guy and he's been charged with a laundry list of 'bad things.'

According to KSFY TV News,

Mortensbak was arrested for three counts of simple assault on law enforcement, resisting arrest, obstructing law enforcement, driving while intoxicated- 2nd offense, aggravated eluding, reckless driving, driving with a revoked driver's license and open container.

Police said Mortesnbak's Blood-Alcohol Content was .267. The legal BAC limit in South Dakota is .08.


I haven't heard how the dog is doing.  I hope he makes a complete recovery.  I am however very happy to hear the Mortensbak had to be treated for dog bites before he was taken to the county jail.  Good dog!  Good job!

Hey! Here's an update of the story!  The dog is fine!  The door was slammed on his body, and he'll be fine!   Great news!

Here's another update.  The breed of Dog is a Belgin Malinois.  We had a listener call to tell us, that's the same breed of dog that's featured on 'Person Of Interest' on CBS Thursday nights!