In need of a date for Valentine's Day? Now you can rent a boyfriend. If you live in China that is.

A Chinese company is offering a service where you can rent a boyfriend for any occasion.

Let's say your parents are coming to town or your workplace is throwing a big party and you don't want to show up alone. No problem. Just pick up the phone and have them send over a rental boyfriend.

It's affordable too! You can spend anywhere from $1.50 to $150.00 to have a well-mannered man, who is at least 5-foot-6 take you wherever you need to go. (You have to wonder what kind of guy shows up for $1.50?)

Your rental man comes complete with a complementary hug, handshake, or kiss on the forehead all free of charge. I'm guessing there's a price list should you want something more.

I'm kinda surprised there's a service like this available in China. I recently read that men outnumber women so much, that there will be 50 million single men on Valentine's Day this year. You wouldn't think there would be a real need for this type of service with so many available men around in China.

Word has it, the majority of the single men are dirt poor. So much like America, it sounds like there is a number of women who can smell money and snatch up all the rich guys right away.