Great news for Sioux Falls!  That's the word from Mike Cooper, the city's planning and services director.

Cooper tells KSOO Radio:  "This is the first time we've ever had in April 200 million dollars worth of building permits issued.  It's the largest year we've ever had.  It's actually double from April 2012 in terms of total evaluation."

So, why is this happening now?  "It's happening because we're seeing a huge demand for apartment building construction as well as for commercial development.  Those are two areas of the economy that are hugely strong right now.  In past years, we've had maybe more institutional or medical office projects driving the building permits.  This year it's really starting off strong from that non residential in terms of commercial but also multi-family projects."

Mike Cooper says "we are seeing numbers we haven't seen since 2005 or earlier. Sioux Falls development is outpacing other regional cities, and the prospect for even more growth through the rest of the year is very positive."