Someone said that hearing someone talk about traffic is like listening to someone talk about their dreams. It’s never as cool or exciting as they think it is. However, having said that, we need to talk about traffic Sioux Falls.

I’ve encountered this problem before, but have never seen it happen as much as I’ve seen here. Sioux Falls, we need to stop being nice when we drive. Specifically, please stop trying to let people out!

Suddenly stopping and holding up a lane of fast moving traffic because you think you need to let someone exit the drive-thru and merge onto Minnesota is crazy. This is not about politeness, it’s about safety. Keep it moving. There aren’t any places in town where parking is allowed in the middle of the street, so we shouldn’t be driving like that’s where we live.

A driver is not being helpful when they try to ‘let someone out.’ The hundreds of cars behind this supposed do-gooder have a reasonable expectation that traffic will keep moving in the absence of a traffic light. Yes, it’s on each driver to pay attention and maintain a safe distance, but it’s also on each driver to act like there are other vehicles on the road besides them.

If someone is trying to enter a busy street not at a light, it’s on them to wait. Especially if they are making a left-hand turn; they’ll be crossing at least three lanes of traffic. They can wait. Stopping and surprising dozens of cars in the lane is dangerous.

Often you’ll hear, ‘I do it so someone will do it for me.’ You do not want someone to do it for you. If the only way to get onto one of the four-lane main streets in Sioux Falls is to use someplace without a light than you have to expect to wait for the traffic to pass.

There are thousands of cars traveling the streets of our little city. It takes some forethought to get around. Sometime you have to go around the block to get to a light. We don’t always get to go from A to B in a straight line.

It’s not about being rude or careless. Being a polite driver is about driving defensibly, remembering that there are other people in the world, and keeping things moving.

Now, let me tell you about this dream I had. Uncle Fester from The Addams Family and I were on a raft in a giant swimming pool. Oh wait, never mind.

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