Even though Movoto is a real estate brokerage based in San Mateo, California, they are pretty accurate when it comes to knowing Sioux Falls, South Dakota, stereotypes.  Christine Paras, part of The Movoto PR team, found 10 stereotypes that not only people from Sioux Falls will understand, but also people from South Dakota.

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    People In Sioux Falls Won’t Endure Any Sioux Falls Haters

    Even though Sioux Falls is the biggest city in South Dakota, often times it doesn't get the recognition it should.  So, if people are brave enough to say something negative about Sioux Falls to a person from Sioux Falls, be prepared to hear just how wrong you are!

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    Everyone In Sioux Falls Throws Up Their East River Gang Signs

    Residents of South Dakota know the difference between East River and West River.  So that means that one of the most important things about living in Sioux Falls is that residents are EAST River, and EAST River rules!  East River can often be considered more modern and progressive, and anyone that has lived East River can tell what side of the river another person is from.

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    People In Sioux Falls Judge You By Your School

    This one is sad, but true, and not only applies to schools of higher learning but high schools as well.  Many Sioux Falls students either have a thicker skin or have simply learned to keep their school choices out of their conversations.

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    Everyone Knows Exactly How It Feels When…

    ....the thermometer says 40 degees in the spring so you open the windows to let in some fresh air.  Or, when the news adds “-pocalypse” to the end of every big storm.

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    And Everyone Gets Annoyed When...

    ...the talks continue about merging North and South Dakota.  Or when you leave your car parked on the street, only to have the snow plow go by.  And of course, there is no laser show at 'The Falls'.

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    But People In Sioux Falls Are Still So Nice Sometimes It’s Confusing

    Yes, people living in Sioux Falls can get as annoyed as anyone else in the world, but Sioux Falls residents don't always show how annoyed they really are.  Sioux Falls is overflowing with "niceness"!  Complete strangers will say hello to you, and remember to say "please" and "thank you".  Sometimes, though, people from Sioux Falls can be considered "snobby".  (But...that's just the West River people that think that.)

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    Folks In Sioux Falls Always Prefer Suits To Overalls

    Many banks and corporations have set up business in Sioux Falls for various reasons, making it the top spot on Forbes’ list of Best Small Places for Business and Careers. So with the increasing number of white-collar jobs coming into Sioux Falls, you still might find a cowboy, but your chances continue to grow slimmer.

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    Everyone In Sioux Falls Has A Different Definition Of The Word “Crime”

    When it comes to national crime, Sioux Falls is one of the safest cities you could choose.  Sure, no city is totally without crime, but most of the time, crime in Sioux Falls is on a smaller scale.  Sioux Falls residents still trust people, and even though it's not the best idea, still leave their car running while they run into a store.

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    Folks In Sioux Falls Know How To Make Everything About Sioux Falls

    The rumor still continues that Sioux Falls residents are proud of their city, and often times give off the vibe that nothing else in the state matters.  But that doesn't mean that Sioux Falls is self-centered, residents are just misunderstood, and really love their city!

    Anthony Wright/KSOO-AM
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    Because They All Know What Everyone Else Doesn’t

    Sioux Falls can be described as the perfect small city.  People know what Sioux Falls has to offer everyone that comes here and is often talked about in a positive way, which is something that many other cities can't brag about.  So don't think people are simply bragging about Sioux Falls,  they just know that everyone is missing out on all the good things that Sioux Falls has to offer.