Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I love it when I hear of people here in Sioux Falls doing good and helping out. That's what a group is doing here in town.  The name of the organization is Younglife. 

Younglife is reaching out to local middle school ages students as well as high school age young adults.

A co-worker here at the radio station brought this to me.  She said, 'you should do a story about this.'  I'm glad she mentioned it. It looks pretty cool!

So, I did a little looking.  Here's what it says on their website.


Young Life staff and volunteers are adults who care deeply about kids. These leaders journey alongside both high school and middle school kids through the triumphs, joys, heart-aches, and setbacks of adolescence. It’s in the day-to-day that leaders demonstrate God’s faithfulness through consistent love toward their teenage friends regardless of their choices, trials, and struggles.

As a parent, I know we get so busy, that sometimes our children are little more than shadows at the house. They are busy too with activities.  It's great when people take 'time' to help.  Not to parent, that's our job.  But knowing there are other positive influences out there is comforting to know.  Knowing there are organizations like Younglife is a benefit too.
Text your kids.  (sometimes we do that more than talk)   Or if your a young adult and reading this mention it to your parents, or post it on their Facebook page. Whatever, or however you talk, start the conversation.  It sounds like a great organization.  Find out more here.  Younglife.