You ever feel like you must have the metabolism of a couch cushion? But if you explain to any of your “Close Friends” that the reason you put on a couple of pounds is because of your “slow metabolism” they poo poo your rather sound reasoning.

Surly it can't be because of your steady diet of Hot Pockets and Pringles Chips. And when I say “You”, I mean “Me”.

Well now finally some real research that we can really use. According to BBC Health News the University of Cambridge has done the homework on slow metabolism and here is the scoop.

 Researchers say one in 100 kids are born with a DNA mutation that can slow metabolism. The gene, called KSR2, if missing or mutated also will cause your DNA to increase your appetite, in part by affecting how cells interpret insulin. Professor Sadar Farooqi explains, “It slows the ability to burn calories, and that’s important as it’s a new explanation for obesity.”

I knew it wasn't me!!