Mike Harris is a regular dude with a fiancee, a job, dogs, and great parents. He just did the coolest thing for his mom, a longtime die-hard Seahawks fan. He hooked her up with a trip to the Super Bowl this Sunday in New Jersey.

According to the description of the video on YouTube, Mike's mom got hooked on the Seahawks back in 1976. When they won a playoff game in 1984 she wanted to go to the welcome home for the team at the airport. She was 6-months pregnant with Mike and her husband didn't want her to go, so she conceded and didn't go.

Eventually his parents were able to become season ticket holders and never miss a game. Super Bowl XLVIII was not supposed to happen for Mike's mom, but it has now.

Mike arranged to get the tickets, a hotel three miles from the stadium, and plane tickets to the game she never thought she would get to go to.