Occasionally the best memories in the life are the ones you don't plan for or even anticipate.  Could the complete surprise of a blizzard create good memories?  It all depended on how I reacted to it last Thursday.

The slippery roads on the way to Sioux Falls foreshadowed the day's events with spun out cars.  The plan was only to be in town 2 hours and head back home.  That all changed as the taunting wind whipped around my car. Broken windshield wipers and a White out on Minnesota Avenue stopped every hope of bringing the day back to normal.

One of the things I'd considered over the years was what I'd do if I ever got stuck in town and I always thought of my friend Shanna.  She and I have been friends for years, seeing each other's lives from being single, dating, marrying, and being parents. Shanna gladly welcomed me when I called and had hot tea as I arrived.

Unforeseen circumstances can be a test of how to look at life. My inability to get home and Shanna's unexpected house guest turned into a wonderful memory.  We declared it a Blizzard Party and included her daughter in painting nails, foot massages and hot tea. These are the wonderful experiences we're often too busy for, without a blizzard to stop us from the craziness of our own schedules.

The blizzard was an invitation to once again appreciate the everyday things I often take for granted: A place to park my car off the street, a home to protect from the weather, warm sheets, clean clothes, a meal and friends that feel like family.

Driving home the today was a re-awakening to thankfulness, accompanied by bright Sunshine and glistening snow polished fields. It takes a blizzard to move from feeling entitled to thankful. It's amazing that no one died amidst the multiple car accidents.  We made it through the blizzard, every day is a new day to choose life's paths and I am grateful.