It's one of those love stories you only hear about, but don't really believe can happen.

A South Dakota couple who were married for 63 years died exactly 20 minutes apart in the same room on Sunday, July 31, 2016.

Henry and Jeanette De Lange of Platte, South Dakota lived a lifetime together. Their love for God, family, and each other showed every day they were together.

Henry was a Korean War Veteran, and Jeanette, a musician and loving mother to their five children.

87-year old, Jeanette suffered from Alzheimer's Disease and had been in nursing home care since 2011. Her 86-year old, husband Henry had been battling prostate cancer.

The couples condition really began to deteriorate over the past few days ago according to their son, Lee De Lange.

Henry instructed his son Lee to reunite the two of them together in the Platte Care Center for as many days as the good Lord will allow.

Lee had both his mother and father placed in the same room.

That Sunday, two of the five De Lange children were with their parents knowing there wasn't much time left according to doctors.

Around 5:10 that afternoon, Jeanette passed away peacefully with her husband Henry in the same room. Twenty minutes later, Henry lost his battle with cancer.

According to Lee and his brother Keith De Lange, "You couldn't ask for anything more beautiful."

Another incredible sign of the couples love for each other, the battery operated clock hanging on the wall in the room where the De Lange's were staying stopped ticking at 5:30 P.M, the exact time Henry passed away and followed his beloved wife to heaven.

As Lee De Lange said, "It was amazing. A sign from God that was the right time."

The De Lange family says they can't explain it, but it brings them comfort knowing their parents are together once again the in the peace of Christ.

Source: CNN

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