We are #4....yeah!  But hold on...how'd we get beaten out by North Dakota?  South Dakota ranked in the Top-5 in the nation for beer consumption on a per-capita basis.     South Dakota was just six gallons short per-person on a yearly basis from the top spot which is held by North Dakota.  Apparently we need to try a bit harder?

An estimated 591,547 drinking-aged residents in South Dakota downed nearly 40 gallons of beer per-capita, which is about 425 cans or 17.5 cases of beer a year.  Are you doing your part?

Here are the Top-5 Beer Consuming States:

1)-North Dakota, 45.8 gallons;

2)-New Hampshire, 43.9 gallons;

3)-Montana, 41 gallons;

4)-South Dakota, 38.9 gallons;

5)-Wisconsin, 36.2 gallons.

 (Source: Rapid City Journal)

While you are thinking about what more you can do to lift South Dakota to the #1 spot perhaps enjoy some of these fun "BEER SONG" videos.  Cheers!