Amanda Monger probably would have laughed had you told her 5 years ago that she'd be in Nashville, working with country artists on tour and on the television set.  Amanda grew up in Minnesota, lived in Brandon, SD and was well on her way in the Dentistry field at USD, but she was continuously drawn to as many Country Music concerts she could get to.  "I was going through a lot of struggles and when I went to concerts, it just fixed itself" She explains.

One pivotal event at the Sioux Empire Fair opened a whole new door for her when she connected with a stage manager for a concert that night.  As the conversation grew, Amanda knew that her dream was to work in the concert and performing industry in Nashville.

The work she hoped for didn't turn up overnight, but she continued as a waitress in a trendy Nashville Restaurant where many of those she served later became a part of those she networked with for jobs in the industry later.  Amanda's break into the industry came when she randomly met a man who had just returned from South Dakota to film Crazy Horse for a documentary.  He loved South Dakota, and in turn offered her a position to work with a TV audience for a program airing on CMT.  From there she's worked on various Television shows, on the road with Blake Shelton, Jana Kramer, Easton Corbin, rehearsals for Lady Antebellum, and many other employment contracts that connected her with other artists.  She describes that the team on the road during a concert tour bonds and feels like family, and that's how she ended up at the home of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert last Thanksgiving.

Although being a part of the Country music industry is a thrill, Monger doesn't confuse the issue ever with being star struck. "They won't think you're serious about the business.  They think you're just there to be a fan."

With her inside information, Amanda also can offer insights on where to visit while you're in Nashville to catch some great music and possibly get a glimpse of your favorite Country Artists.  Listen to the interview at the 5:00 minute mark to hear the best locations and days.

Amanda's insight to you in following your dreams, whether there here in South Dakota, Nashville, or another part of the world: "Do it...Definitely worth the risk because you get so many life lessons along the way."