What the heck is going on in Iran?  And where did these guys get a monkey?  If we had extra monkeys here is South Dakota you can bet we wouldn't be rushing over to EROS and shootin' 'em into Space.   Here is what is being reported from yahoonews.com:

The reports that Iran launched a monkey into space Monday has sparked concern among U.S. officials and missile watchdog groups who cite that the same technology could be used to extend the reach of Iran's military weapons.
According to Iranian news reports, the country's space agency launched a monkey into space and returned it to Earth in a mission using the Iranian-built Kavoshgar 5 rocket. The launch, while unconfirmed by Western monitoring groups, has raised eyebrows because the rockets developed for such missions could also be used to fire weapons across continents.

Here's a question for ya: "If you could shoot someone of something into space, who or what would it be"?