Some times in schools it's the kids and not the adults that do the teaching.  It is so encouraging to see these kids at Roosevelt High School, here in Sioux Falls, promoting such a great cause.  Personally I cringe every time I here someone use the "R" word.  I especially saddens me when you see people in TV or the movies rattling it of as a derogatory adjective as the punch line is some off color joke.  Let's all take to heart what these kids are teaching us all.  Bravo Roosevelt High!  Go Rough Riders!

Update:  We want to say a heart felt THANK YOU to Ellen for sending us this touching and enlightening e-mail. 

From: Ellen
Subject: Roosevelt HS
Date: Thursday, March 7, 2013, 8:02 AM

Thanks for highlighting Roosevelt. My niece has Downs’ syndrome and attends Roosevelt. She is treated with respect and included by all her classmates. She is mainstreamed into many of the extra-curricular activities, which makes her high school experience normal, and that is all she wants . . . to just be viewed as normal by her peers. Roosevelt provides that atmosphere and I am so thankful that she is able to have a normal high school experience. KUDOS to the students at RHS. Thanks for spotlighting the good that teenagers are doing in their daily lives. They are learning a lesson that will carry them throughout their lives.

God Bless You Ellen!