Being a child of the 1980’s, the heavy influence of entertainment during that decade was not just the “Hair Bands.”  Some of us who grew up in the country gravitated towards a stock car with an 01 on the side piloted by cousins Bo and Luke Duke.

“The Dukes of Hazzard” stands as one of the enduring entertainment franchises from over 30 years ago.  A particular scene that was included on a recurring basis was a vehicle driven through a large puddle in the road.  As the car passed through at a high rate of speed, the event was dubbed the “Hazzard County Car Wash.”

Sioux Falls is experiencing a brief meltdown and the resultant puddles are showing up on various streets.  Yes, by driving through them you won’t clean off your car.  In fact, with the chemicals contained in that solution might do more harm than good.  For a moment, a little activity bordering on mischief can release a little spring fever.

Conduct your own video session if you wish, but we do not encourage or condone the surpassing local speed limits in your quest.