If you're a woman that believes you can change any man, think again!

Relationship experts say that great husbands are made, not born. That's according to a new survey done by YourTango.com which claims women can change a man. Just not every man.

If you're a women looking for a long-term relationship, feel free to date a "bad boy." 85% of experts say, "it's possible for a woman to reform a guy who carries the "bad boy" label and make the relationship work."

Single dads are another good choice to date. Three out of five relationship experts say, "guys with kids make excellent long-term relationship material."

If you run across a guy over the age of 40 who has never been married, it doesn't mean he automatically has commitment problems. Over half of the experts say, "he's worth the risk."

However, an overwhelming number of relationship experts say, "that women should avoid mama's boys, guys who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling and sex."

They're bad news ladies and that type of man will only lead to big problems down the road the experts claim.