Dads your teenagers have spoken, and word has it, you embarrass them!

With Father's Day coming up on Sunday, it seems the only thing all dads have in common is their knack to embarrass their kids on a consistent basis.

A new study indicates the typical teenager stays an average of 22 feet away from their dad when they're out together in public. The main reason why, they're afraid their friends might see their father doing something stupid.

When teenager's were asked what does your dad do that embarrasses you most, the most common response given was dancing in public. I guess didn't know there were so many Fred Astaire dads out there?

The average teenager isn't too high on their father's ability to sing either. Singing was the second highest complaint, followed by dressing like a dad. What, it's a fashion faux pas when a dad wears his boxer shorts, tube socks, and a pair of sandals around the house when you have a couple of friends over?

It sounds like a teenagers idea of a good joke and what their father considers to be funny differs dramatically too. Telling really bad, stupid, jokes was also high on the complaint list from teens. As well as trying to sound too cool. Using hip, young, lingo around their friends is a definite no-no. Nothing makes a  teen cringe more than when a parent, or in this case a dad attempts to sound too hip for the room.

It's not all bad dads. The good news is most teenagers still appreciate some of the things you do for them. You know, things like; driving them places, giving them cash when they need it, being much more easygoing than Mom, and allowing them to occasionally eat in front of the TV.

No need to worry, I'd say there's still an 99.9% chance you'll get a Father's Day card and a really hideous looking tie again this Sunday.

Source: Daily Mail