Like whistling in the dark, people have been jokingly talking about building an ark, but after yet another round of severe thunderstorms in Sioux Falls and around the region, it may not be too far from the truth.

Over three inches fell in Sioux Falls Monday afternoon and evening which taxed the sewer systems so much that residents have been asked to stop home water usage until 5am Tuesday. Numerous power outages were reported across the city and street flooding was widespread as evidenced by these pictures from Jason Yoshino. The top photo is at 33rd and Duluth. The bottom photo near Augustana College.

Photos courtesy of Jason Yoshino

Much heavier rains south of Sioux Falls actually forced the closure of I-29 from Sioux Falls to Beresford. We're getting reports that there is no way in or out of Canton. Portions of I-90 were closed between Luverne and Adrian, Minnesota. We're seeing pictures and hearing of terrible flooding in  Worthing, Harrisburg, Lennox, and Tea. Areas to the east like Valley Springs and Luverne, Minnesota which took the brunt of the weekend storms are experiencing more of the same as well.

Lightning strikes during the storm set a townhouse on fire at 69th & Tomar. A sheriff's deputy had to be rescued from flood waters near Canton. We saw a report that two people were caught trying to get their cattle moved outside of Luverne and got caught in a tree above flash floods. They were finally rescued by boat.

We will continue to update everyone on road closures, flooding and more in the coming days. The Sioux Falls forecast calls for a hot sunny Tuesday with a high in the mid 80s, but a chance of showers and thunderstorms cropping up again Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Collin McKenzie of Cmac Productions put this video together of the flooding around Harrisburg

Ben Davis from our sister station Mix 97-3 shot this video at the Falls early Tuesday morning

Julie Baumberger shot this 8 miles north of Dell Rapids as the storms started approaching Sioux Falls Monday afternoon.

Photo Courtesy of Julie Baumberger

605 Magazine posted this shot from their offices in downtown Sioux Falls

Photo Courtesy of 605 Magazine

Justin Jurgenson posted this panoramic shot at 69th & Western

Photo Courtesy of Justin Jurgenson

Tracy Smith shot this in Tea this afternoon

Photo Courtesy of Tracy Smith

Reyna Mennis posted the flooding at 3rd and Lewis in Sioux Falls

Photo Courtesy of Reyna Lewis

Valley Springs flooding from Tammy Hector

Photo Courtesy of Tammy Hector

Pamela Kaye posted this from the intersection of Klondike Trail and Tea Ellis Road

Photo Courtesy of Pamela Kaye

Earl Bartholow got gold ball sized hail in southeast Sioux Falls

Photo Courtesy of Earl Bartholow

Tea Storm Chasers shot this near Hartford

Photo Courtesy of Tea Storm Chasers

12th and Lake in Sioux Falls

Photo Courtesy of Chris Calzo
Courtesy of SD Highway Patrol

Just west of the Lennox exit off I-29

Courtesy of Pamela Kaye

Valley Springs

Courtesy of Tammy Hector


Photo Courtesy of Pamela Kaye

Cliff Avenue

Courtesy of Marc Sheaffer

Another shot of the over-full Falls courtesy of Christopher Reistroffer of Reistroffer Design.

Photo Courtesy of Christopher Reistroffer