In an era where parents are blaming teachers, teachers blaming administrators, and politicians blaming politicians for our educational system, we now have a student standing up and scolding a teacher for conditions in his classroom.

Jeff Bliss is making the viral rounds this week after he took his teacher to task for her apathy in the classroom.  Bliss is a student at Duncanville High School, a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

"You want kids to come in your class, you want them to get excited for this, you've got to come in here and you got to make them excited." Bliss said among other things.

I've watched the video several times.  This is not a young man being disruptive or goofing off in class.  Bliss is passionate about the conditions in his classroom and school.  He seems to want to be in class to learn and be the best he can be.  He makes his points with a certain coolness and logic even though he is angry.

The point is, maybe Bliss is right.  If conditions in some of our schools in America need to be changed, maybe students like him need to start the change at the grass roots level.

Bliss met with his principal after the incident and no further action was taken.